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1ST Group Ltd (ASX:1ST) listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on 9th June 2015. Formerly known as 1st Available Ltd.

The Company completed the acquisition of GObookings, Clinic Connect and DocAppointments in 2015, in 2016 launched PetYeti in the Veterinary space and in 2017 rebranded and renamed its original 1stAvailable healthcare portal as MyHealth1st.

In January 2017 the Company had around 4,000 installed sites, 10,000 appointment books on its platform and celebrated the 5 millionth online appointment booked since 2012.

The Companies customers include Pharmacies, Private Practices (Doctors, Dentists, Optometrists, Allied Services, Specialists and Natural Therapists), Radiology, Veterinarian, Corporate and Government agencies (state, federal and local).

What we do all “starts with the first online appointment”. The first point of contact with a consumer/patient. In late 2016, the company launched a range of additional products and services including Self Checkin Kiosks and Apps, Patient Clipboard Apps, Advertising, Call Centre App, easyRECALL App, easyFEEDBACK App and others planned for future release. These additional products and services solve critical business problems for our customers and enables the Company to grow revenue from our existing customer base.

We offer consumers/patients a more convenient, secure and easy-to-use service to book appointments and interact online with an ever-larger range of healthcare services. Similarly, the commercial imperative for healthcare providers to implement 1ST Group’s solutions will be even more compelling.

All of us at 1ST Group are grateful to our investors for the continued confidence they show in our business and our vision for building an online healthcare community with solutions that facilities the online interaction between the healthcare provider and their customers/patients.

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